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Christina and her son Christina - October 2008
How long have you been a Solo Mom?

My child's father left me about half way thorough my pregnancy. My son is now four.

What do you find is your greatest struggle as a Solo Mom?

In today's world we are constantly being told what we are supposed to be in order to conform to conventional expectations. But, nothing about being a Solo Mom is conventional! So my greatest struggle is not to accept society's views of my being inadequate as a parent simply because of my circumstances.

How did you discover the C3 Center and the SMART program?

I shared that I was a Solo Mom with a client at my place of business. She told me about the C3 Center, all it offered to Solo Moms, and invited me to attend a SMART meeting.

Christina and her son

What are your thoughts about SMART and what the program offers to Solo Moms?

This program provides a safe haven for Solo Moms to share their struggles and to gain inspiration and revelation from others who have been through similar situations. There is no judgment with in this sisterhood and no one suggest that they have all the answers or that their ideas or way of life is better than anyone else's. Each months meetings provide so much more than a topic of discussion and a hand out, they provide and opportunity to be surrounded by many who have a deep desire to challenge your broken past with the promotion of a promising future.

What dreams have the C3 center and the SMART program been able to inspire for your future and the future of your child?

Each day I see the vision that I have for myself and for my child come to pass. The best thing that this program has given me is the belief that no dream is too big. I have arrived where I am today because I believed that I could make it here.